How does it work?

Doing business with Foresthill Lumber & Wood Products, CO will be an educational and straight forward event. We understand our customers have different motivations for having their own lumber milled. Whether it's just a few boards for a yet to determined project, or you know already what the furniture, the fence or the barn looks like that you want to build, we will help you make your ideas come true!

From tree to lumber – Here is how it works:

  1. Schedule a site review and free estimate with us.
  2. Show us the tree or trees (either standing or already down) and we will estimate the volumetric yield.
  3. Tell us what size lumber you want and we will tell you how many pieces you will get.
  4. Show us the location where you want to dry the lumber and we will tell you how many stickers (spacers for stacking wood to dry) you need.
  5. Based on this information we will provide you a quote.

Upon acceptance of the offer we will schedule date and time for the work to be performed.

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