About Us

Foresthill Lumber & Wood Products, CO is a family owned business. As the name suggests, we are located in Foresthill, CA. This community is a reminder of the gold rush area in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada. As the name of the town suggests; we are surrounded by trees. The tree species vary and include: cedar, fir, madrone, oak, and pine.

We started our business for a couple different reasons. The main ones were that we were looking for a change in lifestyle and had a passion working with wood. Our customers are typically home owners, wood lot owners, and wood enthusiasts; in short, individuals who want to use their trees for more than just firewood.

We enjoy being part of our customer's dream project and we love learning new things while we share what we know. Our family is proud of what we are doing and you will find us to be a dedicated partner that is committed to quality.

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