What to do with a truck load of logs….

One of our customers turned their front yard into an amazing event venue. They created a large deck with adjacent gazebo overlooking a lawn area with a semi covered walkway. Everything on the following pictures if from this project. Any wood shown was milled by us.

Delivery of the logs

Ray (Ray Godon & Family Logging) is unloading the logs

The log deck of Ponderosa Pine before we started milling

A snapshot of the sawyer during milling operation

Railing posts (pressure treaded 4x4s) covered with rouch sawn Ponderosa Pine

A gazebo adjacent to deck

Pine slabs used as countertops in gazebo

Steps to deck

Deck overlooking lawn area made up of 2" Ponderosa Pine slabs

Planter on deck

Stairs from deck down to lawn area

Custom fence to the right of stairs on lawn area

Entry from driveway into lawn area. Note custom build gate milled from Redwood.

Details on gate and hardware

Walkway from driveway to lawn area

Detail of walkway

How to cover the meter from the utility company

Overlooking gazebo, deck and lawn area

Imagine how you could transform your property by using custom milled lumber! Give us a call!

Photo Gallery

Here are pictures of services and products we are providing and what our customers' projects:

Please note also our post "What to do with a truck load of logs…"

Typical setup; logs staged in front of mill

Lumber cutting for a cabin

Milling California Black Oak; seasoned 10+ years

Milling Pacific Madrone

Milling Cedar siding

One of the ways to stage a log for the mill

Custom built trellis

Custom oak fence boards

Same fence aged for 2 years

A firewood shed build with rough sawn lumber that we milled

Custom Oak mantel

Oak mantle

Rough sawn fir rafters for a cabin and pine roof sheathing

Western framing (Douglas Fir) with full dimensional 2x6s of add-on (on permit)

If you are one of our customers and finished your project, we would love to show it here!


How to dry lumber at home

There are different options how to dry lumber:

  • Air drying
  • Kiln drying

    • Solar kiln
    • Vaccum kiln

An interesting article is published here: http://www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/drying-wood-at-home/

The thermal drifts in the Sierra Foothills are advantageous for air drying. The breeze blows up the mountains in the morning and reverse direction in the evening. Tests conducted at Foresthill Lumber & Wood Products, LLC gave a drying time of less than 3 months for 1" green cedar boards. The moisture content at that time was ~19% (tests were done from November to February). While this moisture content is insufficient for indoor use, it is adequate for outdoor use.

Please come back in a few weeks to check out more information to be posted on how to dry wood and monitor its moisture content.